Custom Choos

My oh my! Custom Jimmy Choos, apparently from $750.

Not that I’m going to get some…


Yoghurt Facial

Mini home facial using homemade yoghurt.Clean off makeup and pat face dry.

Soaked up a tiny lump of facial mask in two tablespoons of plain yoghurt, place it carefully onto the face. Leave it for 15 mins. (It drips so it might be a good idea to sit up for that 15mins with an old tee shirt as a bib)

Rinse off and put on any store-bought mask sheet. I used my current favorite from My Beauty Diary’s Black Sea Pearl mask. Leave mask on for 15 mins, wash off and pat on usual routine of toner and moisturiser. (I don’t use night cream)



Trying out Sun Milk

Am trying out a newly acquired item from Bangkok’s Boots Pharmacy. It’s the Boots Luminese Sun Protection Milk SPF50/PA+++.

I don’t remember the price but the range of products were on a 3-for-price-of-2 deal that week. So, I picked up 3 bottles of this Sun Milk.

According to the info on the back of the box: “This lightweight sun protection milky lotion is non-greasy and easily absorbed, with a shimmering effect.”


It is lightER than the other sun protection in my stable but the shimmering effect doesn’t work in Singapore’s scorching heat. After putting it on in the bathroom, I look as if I had run a mile! *sweaty*


So, I have to pat on some loose powder over this lotion. It works ok if I just pop out for coffee or yoga, not so great for all day cos I’ll still need a more polished look with makeup base, foundation and powder.

Brown Wedgetarian

So the gray Wedgetarians did not look so hot on me. I managed to snag a pair in brown from Amazon (and at $30 less!), and they turned out much better.


They meet my functional checklist but at this point, I’m still not 100% in love with them. I’ll have to test them out at home with a couple of different outfits and make a decision…


Loving Rosehip Oil

A couple of weeks after falling on my hands and knees outside a tyre workshop, my scraped knees are now healing nicely.

Below were the knees a day after the fall. image After the pus had dried up, the scabs started forming and eventually dropped off.

At the scabbing stage, I started to apply a few drops of rosehip oil around the wounds. The skin around the wounds were getting too stretched and dry-looking for my liking.

Below is how my knee looked now. The wound area is red but smooth, no uneven texture!

The oil that I had used during this time was meant for my face. Had some issues with dry patches recently due to the awful dry spell.


It’s the Rosehip BioRegenerate Oil from Pai Skincare based in London. I had picked this up at Pure Tincture in Singapore.

Walking Wedgetarian: Gray

This year is shaping up to be rather Europe-centric for me, involving lots of walking on cobblestone streets and taking trains and buses. I started looking for something comfortable, practical, and more stylish than sneakers.

I chanced upon the Wedgetarian Lexi by Merrell, one of my favorite comfort shoe brands. I ordered a pair in grey via Zappos VIP:


They met my expectations and are super comfy, the grippy sole provides excellent tread, which bodes well for rainy / wintry streets. I’m confident that they won’t need breaking in! And though the wedge looks high, I can hardly feel that my feet are elevated.

But…. the downside is that this “rhinoceros” grey really stands out, and looks too stark against my usual palette of dark clothing in general. Oh, and these wouldn’t make good ‘airport’ shoes, since it takes time to lace & unlace them.

I’ve just ordered the ‘Dark Earth’ brown version, and most likely will return these. Stay tuned for updates!

Suited for Snow

snow in tokyo

My recent solo trip to Tokyo coincided with the heaviest snow storms in the last 50 years. Thankfully my Espirit wool trench coat kept me warm (and my head too in my new hat), and these Ralph Lauren boots were comfortable and reliable despite the snow-covered streets and sidewalks.

Incidentally, the last time I emptied out a major city with a natural disaster (read: NYC & Hurricane Sandy), I was wearing an older pair of Ralph Lauren boots, and a water-resistant DKNY trench coat instead. Same purse this time, same gloves, but I alternated between the chunky infinity scarf with a $5 ‘Heat Tech’ scarf I picked up at Uniqlo.

I miss it all already.


Clearing facial debris

I was in Bangkok last weekend for a stretch of 5 days bumming around the bustling, crowded city enjoying the sights, sounds and smells. Midway, though, my face started spotting tiny oil clots.

I suspected that it was a due to the dry air in the air-conditioned room, sweat from walking around in the humidity during the day AND the fumes and dust from the very heavy traffic I walked with daily.

Back home, I would use the usual lotion cleanser to clean and tiny flakes would soon appear as I massaged the lotion into the skin.

With all that rubbing, more oil clots appeared. The skin was over-stimulated. Sigh.

So, today, I decided to get rid of the dead skin cells using yoghurt.

Took a teaspoon of plain, low-fat yoghurt from my fridge and pasted it all over my cleansed face.

Rested for 10 mins to let the yoghurt work it’s magic, I then cleaned it off with just water and a cotton pad.

My face looked lighter and clearer! Finer pores too, especially the nose area! More info about yoghurt as a facial in this article

I ended the DIY facial with a mask from my stash of My Beauty Diary disposable masks.

Let’s hope that this mini-facial works!

Handmade Make-up Brushes

While in Bangkok over the weekend, I walked past a shop selling Japanese goods and there was a video showing how craftsmen making makeup brushes by hand. These were Mizuho brushes from Japan.

I decided to take the plunge and bought myself 3 new brushes. These were a powder brush, an eyeshadow brush and a tiny cleansing brush for the nose.



I tried the powder brush at home, using it with my compact powder and it was lovely! Firm, dense yet soft brush. I dabbed and buffed the powder all over my face before applying a light blush.

Will try the eyeshadow and cleansing brushes later this week. Can’t wait!

Granny’s ring updated

My late grandmother had left behind a gold ring with two small diamonds that could only fit my tiny and slender fingers.

Unfortunately, the jeweller discovered a couple of cracks in the gold ring. He suggested that I remove the diamonds and set them into another ring.



I liked the idea and chose to reset into the same design albeit with a difference – just 2 claws holding the diamonds instead of the 6 claws in the original design.


I think this gives it a contemporary look, good enough for another half a century perhaps.