The lippy pouch

One of the essentials in my bag consists of my trusty lipstick pouch which can hold up to 4 different lipsticks. I’ve one Burt’s Bees lipbalm and three lippies of different shades from Bobbi Brown, MAC and Lo’real. I love having choices, and having different lipsticks is no different. Depending on the mood of the day, I’d go with vivacious red (Bobbi Brown), coral (Lo’real) or pinkish nude (MAC). Yay, variety rocks!

With my trusty blue lipcase pouch from Thailand's Naraya!

With my trusty blue lipcase pouch from Thailand’s Naraya!

The perfect nail polish

Inspired by Small White Skinny’s recent posts on nail polishes, I’ve decided to share a recent purchase that was made online. I first came across this particular nail polish a few years ago at my regular nail spa and was so in love with it that it’d be my de facto choice during my monthly visits.

Sadly, due to its popularity amongst the other customers, and coupled with the fact that there was no stock from the supplier, I had to live without this shade of polish for a good part of a year.

Finally came across the nail polish again on one of my recent online forays and decided to make a purchase. For only S$13, I think it’s a great buy! It’s a very wearable shade with a slight tinge of purple but mostly, it just looks nudish against my skin tone 😀

In case anyone's keen, this is OPI's 'Tockle My Francey'.

In case anyone’s keen, this is OPI’s ‘Tickle My Francey’.

my pedicured feet!

my pedicured feet!


What the world’s happiest people wear

It’s true, what people say about the Bhutanese being the happiest people on earth. Young or old, male or female, the Bhutanese will always shyly offer a smile when you happen to take a look in their direction. And if you’re driving past a group of Bhutanese on the roads, they’ll even wave back at you. Now, where would you see such scenes? Definitely not Singapore.

I had the privilege of visiting the Land of the Thunder Dragon a few weeks ago and the beautiful scenery and friendly people have left a deep impression in my memory. Of course, as one of the honourary contributors of this blog, I had to take pictures of the local fashion and do some reporting in a post!

The photos below are just some examples of the local fashion. Both men and women, young and old wear the same outfits. The male outfit is called the gho and it comprises a one-piece outfit (similar to a bath robe) which is hiked up by a tight belt around the waist. The front of the robe also acts as a giant pocket where the men can stuff their belongings including, bottles of water. The female outfit is called the kira. This is a two-piece outfit comprising a long skirt and a waist-length colourful jacket. Some of the girls in my group were so fascinated with the gho that they even purchased the outfits! The local store keeper was very amused by a bunch of giggly girls putting on the male outfits for sure!

A local in his goi, taking aim in a local archery game (Bhutan's national sport).

A local in his goi, taking aim in a local archery game (Bhutan’s national sport).

A local female villager in her traditional kira and heels, enroute to attend one of the most sacred of festivals in the country.

A local female villager in her traditional kira and heels, enroute to attend one of the most sacred of festivals in the country.

Virginity soap anyone?

On a recent trip to Bhutan, I took the opportunity to visit the local stores. Most of the items sold in the shops are imported from India. Something in particular caught my attention and I couldn’t resist snapping a photo.


I didn’t bother to purchase any, so no way of knowing how good this is. 😀

Linguine shoes

I bought a pair of new shoes today! Accordng to the boyfriend, “why am I not surprised?”. But in my defence, it was really cheap and it is also a design that Ive been lusting after for a long time.People who are familiar with a certain Brazilian shoe brand known for its rubberised shoes will know that a pair of shoes costs at least S$100. I can’t bring myself to pay that sort of money on rubber flats. Granted, they are known to be really comfortable but I can’t exactly wear them to work so they can only be worn during the weekends. Not exactly good reasons to justify the purchase.

Imagine my delight when I came across a shop today selling the same pair of shoes at only a fraction of the original cost. Yes, it’s not the original brand but I like the shoes for its design. The brand is immaterial. Given my love for shoes, I couldn’t resist and bought it. The best part of the deal? The shoes costs only S$25 after a small discount given by the shop owner, great deal! The shop owner calls this the “meepok shoes” given its resemblance to the noodle. For those who are not familiar with the word, ‘meepok’ is the name of a local Singaporean noodle that resembles the Italian pasta, linguine. Hence the title of today’s post. 🙂

Here are the pictures of the shoes.. I’m really excited about the new addition to my collection, and in my favourite colour too!

In my favourite colour too!


Just love going nude

Ahem, don’t get me wrong. I wasn’t referring to the lack of clothes on one’s body, but was referring to my favourite shoe colour instead. :p

Nude/beige colour shoes are so versatile, they practically go with every outfit of choice that you can think of.

  • Bright colour outfits? Check.
  • Floral prints? Check.
  • Polka dots? Check.
  • Neutrals? Check.

You get the drift.

I’m the proud owner of two pairs (yes, sadly just two!) of nude shoes, one of which was previously featured in this blog too. Just yesterday, I’ve added another pair of nudes, a pair of wedges this time, to my shoe collection. The first’s a pair of pointy heels and the other, a pair of slingbacks. I’m so excited about the shoes, they look rather cute with a glossy sheen! These cost S$45, and after using some vouchers to offset the cost, I only needed to top up S$5.. wooot!!!


The ‘Prosperous’ look for the Lunar New Year

Gong Xi Fa Cai!! It’s the first day of the Lunar New Year today and as with previous years, my family will make a conscious effort to visit our relatives all decked out in new outfits. While my parents are not that superstitious, they do ask that we (sisters and me) dress up in bright colours to usher in the new year. And I must agree, it does make one feel happier when you are dressed in cheery colours!

So here’s my choice of outfit for today – a bright red dress with gold studs from Mango, complete with camel colour shoes from Charles & Keith and beige handbag from some blog shop. Very prosperous looking, and very well-liked by the elders!!

Best of all, this dress is loose enough to hide the tummy and I could still stuff my face with all the yummy goodies!

Best of all, this dress is loose enough to hide the tummy and I could still stuff my face with all the yummy goodies!

Shoe shopping is fun!

I’ve a weakness for shoes. The shoe department is probably my first stop each time I stepped into a mall. I try to be good though, to only buy a new pair when the current pair is almost at the end of its shelf life. My parents and bf think I’ve far too many pairs of shoes but let’s be honest here, a girl can never have too many bags or shoes isn’t it?

Along with my love for shoes comes with an ability to buy more than one pair at a time. Heehee! And so, the following were purchased from Robinson’s recently. Call it retail therapy after a serious bout of throat infection.

Both shoes are from Itti & Otto, and I found out recently that this is a Singaporean brand! They do have very nice, functional shoes for both work and play and prices are not expensive too. There was a sale a few weeks ago and these were purchased then. Hurray for sales!


Love the kitten heels (not obvious from this angle), which means I can wear them for work events, run around and not suffer from (too much) aches at the end of the day.


The colour is so versatile, ’nuff said.

Reversible dresses!

My cousin is getting married today and we (parents plus sisters) trooped happily to her home for the traditional tea ceremony. My sisters were dressed in salmon pink and beige. I was dressed in pink.I didn’t plan to wear the dress that I wore as the original choice was a long pale yellow chiffon dress. But changed my mind when I thought it might be a little too dressy for a morning function. Panicked a little and opened my wardrobe, stared hard and aha! Plucked out a dress that I bought online a year ago (never worn before!) and decided that it’s time for it to make an appearance to the world today.

It’s a reversible dress. Meaning, I could wear it in pink with a navy blue lining or wear it in navy with pink underneath! Very versatile, and totally wearable depending on my mood for the day. And it comes with a matching sash worn around the waist too. I personally like the blue look but since the colour theme for the day was pink/beige/gold, I went with the pink look instead.

Pardon the bad photos below…

Look #1: pink

Look #1: pink

Look #2: Navy

Look #2: Navy


How to pack for a staycation

I’ve never been one to do smart packing whenever I go on vacation. I deliberate for a very long time over the clothes/shoes that I should bring along, often changing my mind at the last minute even though clothes have already been folded into the suitcase. Most times, the toiletries take up the most space and are the heaviest in my entire suitcase, which is ironic when I’d always set out to “travel light”. You’d think that I might have an easier time if it’s just a short trip but alas, the same issues will always surface.With the year-end in sight, the BF and I thought it’d be a good idea to go on a staycation given that it’s so expensive to travel overseas during this period. I try to be efficient this time by packing lightweight outfits – dresses that are easy to pack and won’t crease. These are easier to move around in humid Singapore and paired with my trusty pair of Birkenstocks, I’m all ready to conquer the local attractions.

I find it very useful to pack my stuff into pouches for easy differentiation and packing. Pouches for toiletries, undergarments, clothes, make-up, accessories etc, you get the drift. And needless to say, I’ve once again relied on this trusty packing method for the upcoming staycation. Tip, buy pouches with cheery colours. They look SO much better when you peer into your suitcase/travel bag.

This toiletries bag can store a lot. Never regretted buying this from Naraya (Thailand).

This toiletries bag can store a lot. Never regretted buying this from Naraya (Thailand).

Also from Naraya, this one is padded and stores my undergarments.

Also from Naraya, this one is padded and stores my undergarments.

Bag organisers are extremely useful especially if you're the sort who carries huge bags. This organiser comes with 6 side compartments and a giant one in the middle for wallets/sunnies/tissue etc.

Bag organisers are extremely useful especially if you’re the sort who carries huge bags. This organiser comes with 6 side compartments and a giant one in the middle for wallets/sunnies/tissue etc.


Couple watches

One of my favourite gifts for Christmas this year has got to be the Solvil et Titus watch that the BF got for me. This was my first Christmas gift from him and I excitedly tore away the wrapper, to reveal a white box, open it up and ta-da! My present lies within a beautiful silvery box tied with a maroon ribbon. In it was a pair of couple watches. Our watches come with a beautiful rose-gold steel case with a stainless steel strap. Classic and elegant.

Solvil et Titus has since the 1980s, marketed itself as a brand that’s closely associated to love and romance, and I thought it was rather apt that I received a Titus watch from him. 🙂

The box!

The box!

Matching watches!

Matching watches!

The beauty of florals

I apologise for the overdue post… *ashamed*

Attended a wedding party yesterday and thought I’ll go in a long dress since most of the guests will be in long outfits too. Heehee, made the right choice! Decided to go with a mint green chiffon dress that was purchased at Bangkok during my last visit. And because it was a Saturday, I was feeling lazy and decided to go in nude ballet flats, paired with a brown clutch. Plus my pretty Swarovski birthday earrings, and here’s the result!

And ahem, the photographer squatted and took this photo which gave the illusion that I’ve legs that go on forever and ever… wheeeee!!!

F1 fashion

So, I was at the F1 Grand Prix last Sunday and thought it’d really be a great idea to blog about what people wore to the race. Pardon the blurry pictures: stealth photography is an art.

Ferrari cape!

Srandard combo of tank top plus shorts (on a side note, look at those legs!)

Saw many in long maxi dresses too, usually with plunging necklines. Perhaps, to deal with the humid weather?