How much do you cost, exactly?

A friend of ours made a random Facebook post about how much our daily outfit costs, and reckons his cost around SGD 2,900. That got me rebutting that most people cost wwaaayyy less than that.

Since I have stopped working, this is how much I cost (roughly):


– Aeropostale Tshirt: gift from friends. Presumably bought from an outlet in the US. USD15, perhaps?
– Capri pants: bought from bazaar in China. Likely SGD5.
– Shoes from a Hong Kong brand Jipi & Japan: I think it cost about SGD60.
– Watch: a gift from my sister – it’s a Korean mini watch bought online. Around SGD20.
– Bag from Korean online shop USD40.
– CK wallet in bag (just because our friend included that in his calculation): around SGD25 (I bought it in a Hong Kong outlet)

Total: just over USD135.

Then again, most of what I have were bought on trips overseas and I haven’t factored in that cost. Plus, I always wear a diamond ring and a pair of diamond earrings that cost around USD620 altogether. So I may be closer to SGD2,900 than I think I am.

How much does it cost you to dress up today?

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Travelling light

Here’s bringing a new definition to “travelling light”.


This is my luggage for my 3-day, 2-night trip to Ho Chi Minh City. Visiting an old friend from school who relocated there… and I’ll be with another old friend as well. Ah, all this talk about old… Hmm. We are still young at heart and fully intend to catch up overnight tonight.

Anyhow, I used an organizer bag within my relatively new Long champ overnight bag, so my clothes can be packed neatly and flatly, and not spill over if I need to open it at the customs.
Bon voyage!

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The season of goodbyes

Lots of people leaving the organization recently and lots of farewell presents to buy. Yesterday a colleague (a mom of 2) who is serving her last day at work today came into the office in a dress. I have never seen her in one the past 5 yrs and she looked great in it. Apparently it was something she owned 9 years ago and have not worn it since her 8 yr old was born. And he picked the outfit for her yesterday.

Anyhow, to nudge her along the road of dresses, we decided to buy her two as farewell gifts – so she can be the leisurely yummy mummy while she’s on a break from work. And here I am, modeling them in the dressing room.

Left: beige cotton shirt dress from Mango. Right: teal knit dress from Esprit.


I gotta try them to see if they would fit her!!

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Bye bye New Year

So the Lunar New Year celebrations draws to a close, since this is the fifteenth day of the first lunar month. The cheongsam that my sister ordered for me from qoo10 actually arrived 4 days ago… Amazing speed, I must say.

Giving a sneak preview on Clueless Closettes…Ta-da!


I held back from buying the conventional floral prints but I still wanted something traditional enough to wear at weddings and functions. So I chose a Chinese white-and-blue porcelain (青花) print with black piping and Chinese buttons.

Considering that I bought it online, I am amazed that it’s almost a perfect fit. And gosh! it’s S$25. What more can I ask for? Said cheongsam will officially debut at a friend/ex-colleague’s wedding in April.

If you are interested, the qoo10 shop that I bought the cheongsam from is called blingshop.

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That Yellow Dress

MonoChameleon wanted a closer look at those dresses I wore at the weddings. Well, here is one of them and a little about that yellow dress.


You see, I am my mom’s unofficial dresser. She’s short and plump and has difficulty finding suitable clothes off the rack. So she tailors the 2-piece dress suits that she wears to church every Sunday and during special occasions like Christmas or Lunar New Year. And I am her fabric shopper and designer. Together with her seamstress, we’ll plough through pattern book after pattern book for a suitable design. Honestly, the variations are really at the collars, button details and sleeves. But it’s fun.

One year, while we were out fabric shopping for LNY, we chanced upon this nice brownish-grey shantung silk material with lovely blue flowers (top left) . I fell in love with it instantly and decided that my mom had to buy it for her dress. The shop lady brought out another fabric of the same design – pale yellow with light peach flowers (centre) . Gorgeous! It was too hard to resist so I ended up buying it. I decided to make mine into a pseudo cheongsam – with a slit on the left of the skirt and cowl neckline, just to give it a modern twist. My mom’s suit had sweetheart neckline with faux pearl buttons. Really happy with how they turned out.

Just hoping to keep at this size so that I can wear my pseudo cheongsam for a few more years.

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The Compliment Pants

I keep getting compliments when I wear this pair of pants to work so the designer must have gotten something right.


Patterned pants that has two methods of wearing: normal, or folded up to reveal the brown fabric on the reverse.

By local label DYEL. Incidentally, the label designer started out as an interior designer and was my designer for the current flat I am staying in (she still runs her interior design outfit) . (= loved working with her on my flat, and happy to wear her design.

A shout out to Diana Yap of DYEL!

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Dreaming cheongsams

Been in a festive mood and looking at cheongsams online. My sister just helped me order an affordable one from Gmarket (no worries, I will debut it on this blog when I receive it).

In the meantime, I have been thinking about the evolution of cheongsam/qipaos. Whether it be the traditional cut or a modern twist, this beautiful Chinese dress deserve more airtime than the annual Lunar New Year, or as a wedding dress. But I guess, because it is so expensive to tailor a well-fitted one, the cheongsam naturally become prized possessions which women only wear sparingly.

Felt artistic tonight and decided to sketch my own version of a modern cheongsam, complete with poofy skirt. For the material, I took a lead from a brown-and-pink fabric ring that I bought at last year’s Arts Festival flea market.

What do you think?


*scheming about how I can make this a reality at an affordable price*

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My first red

Here’s my Lunar New Year Day 2 dress… My first full red dress in 38 years of new year celebration.


Pleated red dress with slim beige belt and matching beige shoes.

My mom, who is not the most thrilled with the colour red, exclaimed, “wah” disapprovingly.

But it looks like it’s not chasing away the unusually chilly weather here. It’s pouring again outside!

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Reflection on Chinese New Year


Happy chinese new year, everyone!

K-noona in one of her brighter outfits on the first day of the lunar new year. Paired with a black belt and my Jim Thompson cheery flower bag.

Flair skirts are the best for gorging on festive goodies while out visiting relatives.

Have a swell time, all!

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A month of four weddings

Hi hi it’s been so long and as always life took over.

I have been attending wedding after wedding, practically since the start of the year. Received invites for five but could only attend four… And already I was running out of things to wear. You know how it is – you try not to make a ‘repeat performance’ of the same outfit with the same circle of friends/colleagues. I finally ran out of dresses, and as part of my self-imposed austerity drive I raided Ms Dressy‘s wardrobe for an outfit for the last wedding dinner, out of desperation (thank you!).

So here it is: a visual summary of what I wore…


(From left, clockwise) Ms Dressy’s electric blue flowery long dress; my favourite Calvin Klein red satin toga cocktail dress which I snagged at a Las Vegas outlet store 3 years ago while visiting MonoChameleon. It’s the best dress to wear for a wedding dinner cos there’s enough room for food =); my Coast gunmetal grey bustier dress with floral details; the Duchess Kate-inspired outfit and the last two pictures are my cheongsam-like pale yellow shantung silk dress with cowl collar, which I designed and had my mom’s seamstress sew. It was my Lunar New Year outfit a couple of years ago, and I thought it was elegant and appropriate enough for me to wear it as I was cantoring at the wedding mass.

This is The Year of Weddings and i have another two invites in April and possibly one more in November. More time to think about what to wear, and perhaps I gotta visit Ms Dressy again soon =l

P/S: by the way, how do you like the treatment of my photos? Am playing around with the “Paper Artist” photo editor software that I just discovered on my Samsung Galaxy.

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Be your own superstar


Yup. After a long hiatus from blogging, my last post of the year…is a wish for you. That’s what I would like to wish you,dear Closettes, in the coming year.

You don’t have to be a trend chasing fashionista, really. The key is to be comfortable in your own (well maintained) skin, wearing clothes that suit your shape and holding your head high in confidence. And YOU will shine.

And this, incidentally is the last outfit that I am wearing for 2012. =)
(while watching the countdown concert from the city that I bought this T-shirt from -Taipei!)

Have a blessed 2013, everyone!

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Japan travel fashion

Hi guys, sorry for the “radio silence”. Wanted to blog as I travel but as the only chauffeur on the 800km road trip, really didn’t have much time to take my eyes off the road to blog. 🙂

But here it is


Didn’t wear my hat because it was pretty windy and I didn’t wanna lose it to the valleys and didn’t whip those gloves out either. That silver down vest from Uniqlo really came in handy to keep me warm but I could still wear in back in Changi Airport without dying from a heat stroke. It’s so handy to have and takes up so little space in the bag I feel like getting another one!

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