beauty is not for the lazy

There’s a Chinese saying that goes “there is no ugly woman, only lazy one”. There can’t be any more truth to this.

So I recently started this almost military-style beauty regime which has since kept my skin extremely happy. My beautician who threads my brows even commented that my face has become more radiant recently! *yay*

What is this regimental process? Well, it’s basically a a simple step of putting on a paper mask every night. I’ll wash off the residue after 20 mins of masking, and apply my night serum and cream before heading to head. Yes, it’s really not that miraculous, but it does require a level of commitment to execute it.

The masks which I’ve been using are:

  • My Beauty Diary, a Taiwanese brand. They’ve got a pretty extensive range that’s supposed to boost your skin in different manner and I usually rotate the variety on a daily basis. My favourites from the range are the Black Pearl, the Imperial Bird’s Nest and the Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizing


  • Leaders Insolution, a Korean brand. What I like about this brand is that their masks are the hydrogel type so it fits snugly on your face. I’ve only tried the Aquaringer which is supposed to hydrate the skin, and the Meta-Tox which is used to brighten the skin. The only downside about this brand is that they’re freaking expensive. They cost double of My Beauty Diary; so I only use them once a week.


Hopefully these provide good tips for better and more radiant skin. Now let’s abandon laziness and strive toward a more beautiful us together!

Run baby run!

Gosh! It’s been nearly 2 years of non-updates! We’ve been such busy people, haven’t we?

Well… as a quick catch-up, I’ve been very (extremely) into running these days. Heck! I even completed a full marathon, 3 half-marathons and countless 10km fun races in the span of 2 years. Surely that’s a pretty valid excuse for not being able to contribute to this blog huh?

Anyway, to revive this little pet project of ours, I thought what a better way than to start with a review of running shoes I own. Do note that I’m a diehard Nike girl so it’s nothing but Nike shoes for me.

Here goes:

Nike Flyknit Free 4.0

This is my favourite design and I own 4 pairs! All in different beautiful colours of course! They’re lightweight, durable, fits snugly on the feet and super easy to run with. The design is perfect for people with broad feet and like the feeling of almost barefoot running. I wear them for races, for leisure runs, for training runs, for walking around while on holidays.

Some may say that the lack of support on the arch would be an issue for flat-footers. But hey, I’m flat-footed and I ran all my marathon races in my Flyknit Free. So shut up, take my money and run!

Nike Flyknit Lunar Tempo 1

This is supposed to be good for flat-footers who want to do long runs. I must say that it does give great support and you can literally feel the bounciness of the sole while on the roads. I usually alternate them with the Free 4.0.

One thing to note though…the design is slightly smaller than most of the other Nike models so do get half a size bigger if you’re considering it.

2015-03-14 01.12.21

Top row: Flyknit Lunar Tempo 1, Flyknit Free 4.0. Bottom row: Flyknit Free 4.0

Nike Flyknit Lunar 2 + Lunar 3

I would say these are good for new Nike converts. They’re pretty, cushy and really roomy too. Perfect for daily short runs. Its only downside… the shoes tend to “heat up” during longer runs so your feet gets really warm and that makes it uncomfortable to continue running.

These days, I use the Lunar 2 for track interval sessions and the Lunar 3 is my exclusive gai gai (going out) accessory when I’m in for the sneaker look.

Nike Flyknit Lunarglide 5

This is my most disappointing pair of Nike Flyknits and I blame it on the salesperson. He insisted that I get a size bigger than my usual and me being such a trust person, decided to go with his recommendation. Bad move!! It ended up being too big for me despite wearing thicker socks; and what I received in return were blisters and immense discomfort.

These shoes have since been inherited by the niece who’s happily wearing them for her runs and badminton sessions.


the ribbon of happiness

I’ve always wanted to get a nice sling bag. You know, that one bag which you can carry to parties, midnight movies, brunch, events, wedding dinners, etc. And so I began my journey hunting for that perfect sling bag. I had originally set my eyes on the Chanel mini flap bag, but after countless attempts to beat the crazy queues (yes, we queue for everything in Singapore) to get into the Chanel store; and the multiple futile visits to duty-free stores at various airports, I decided that we’re just not fated to be. That said, I still wasn’t prepared to give up hopes on getting that one sling bag.

So one Friday evening, after dinner with the Atas sister, we decided to pop into my favourite (and trusty) ferragamo outlet at Paragon (after the fruitless attempt to queue at Chanel). To my pleasant surprise, that perfect sling bag, a new collection nonetheless, was sitting in the shop, waiting patiently for me.

And so…. presenting the leetle ribbon of happiness….

I went home a happy girl having paid 1/3 the price that I had originally budgeted for this sling of joy.

I went home a happy girl having paid 1/3 the price that I had originally budgeted for this sling of joy.

blending matters!

Hello Closettes!

It’s been a while since I last posted about eye make-up… actually, it’s been a while since I posted anything. Period!

I tried this new blending technique yesterday and thought I share this 🙂


Step 1: Apply a base on the eyelid (it can be any nude-ish colour). Start from the eyelash bone to the crease line (where the double eyelid sets in)

Step 2: Apply the light grey shadown, Start from the inner corner of the eye and brush outwards. Do not cross the crease line of the eyelid

Step 3: Apply the dark grey shadow. Start from the outer corner of the eye and brush inwards. Stop at the middle of the eye (where the pupils are)

Step 4: Blend the light and dark grey shadows so that they don’t look like water colours gone wrong

Step 5: Accentuate the eyes further with a dark brown eyeliner and mascara. If you’re up for it, you might even want to try using the eyeliner on the lower lids.

Step 6: Highlight the brow bone area with a pink shimmery eye shadow

There you go… quick steps to more beautiful eyes!  And of course you can replace the colours with whatever that suits your mood for the day once you master the blending technique.

Review: Khiel’s midnight recovery concentrate

The sister introduced me to this nifty bottle of concentrated oil that is supposed to regenerate, repair and replenish the skin for a smoother and healthier glow.

2013-01-02 22.42.11

The concentrate is made of 3 primary ingredients:

  • Evening Primrose Oil which is touted to be effective on skin barrier repair and boosting radiance
  • Lavender Essential Oil which helps to soothe inflamed or irritated skin while helping to reduce skin blotchiness
  • Squalane which is a healing botanical lipid with a high affinity for skin to instantly restore and replenish

I’ve used it for about 2 weeks now and I’m glad to report that I’m in love with this product. Why?

  • It is not too oily even though it’s concentrated oil
  • It gets absorbed into the skin really quickly
  • It has a nice Lavender scent – which I’m certain that it helps me to sleep better
  • It is really efficient… 2 – 3 drops is all it take to cover the entire face

The results:

  • I’m pretty convinced that I have a brighter glow on the face
  • Even my dark eye circles seemed lighter these days

For SGD$90, this 30ml investment seems like a steal.

Defying all odds

There’s a Chinese saying that goes 世上没有丑女人,只有懒女人 – there’re no ugly women on earth, only lazy ones. I have to agree that this is all true! And so my mission for 2013 is to be more disciplined in:

– the exercise regime so that I can stay healthy and have more toned limbs and a more shapey silhouette
– the skincare regime so that I can have better, clearer, younger, more supple and more radiant skin
– following my own style

Some really simple tasks which require massive investments and commitment. Let’s defy all odds together, quit laziness and look toward to more gorgeousness in the new year! Blessed 2013 folks!


Experimented with this new eyeliner which I bought from Korea..

This green eyeliner was actually a pleasant mistake…  I had wanted to get a blue eyeliner and had paid for the product without checking. It was only when I got back to Singapore that I realised that the colour was wrong. But all’s too late! Since then, I procrastinated in opening it. I finally decided to experiment on the colour after about 6 months and was super pleased with the effect 🙂

Eye make-up details: Beige eyeshadow base by Christian Dior, Green eyeliner by CLIO (Korean brand), Metallic Brown eye shadow by Shu Uemura, Virtuose  Precious Cells mascara by Lancome.