Lime and Yoghurt Cleanser

I had some homemade yoghurt left in the fridge. Been there a couple of weeks and I didn’t want to risk consuming it as food. So I decided to use it as a cleanser.


Emptied the jar of old yoghurt into a small dish.

Cut and squeezed juice from one lime into the yoghurt. (Warning: the latter will look even more dodgy!)

Mixed with fingers and apply onto face just like my lotion cleanser or make-up remover. Left on face for a few minutes before rinsing.

With the remaining mixture, added a scrubbing agent to turn this into a yoghurt body scrub. I used The Body Shop’s Spa Wisdom adzuki bean and rice grains. (Tip: Either use a larger dish or bowl, or add only in the bathroom. Will minimise the risk of spillage en route to the bathroom.)

Scrubbed all over and rinsed under the shower. Done!

I didn’t use any commercial facial cleanser – neither before nor after the lime-yoghurt cleanser. Just followed up with toner and the usual routine.

The face was clean and looked fresher! The nose area felt a lot less bumpy and a couple of white heads that had been lurking had been tightened. Success!


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