Bringing Back my classic 501s!

Happy New Year, everyone!

It’s a brand new year!! Woohoo!!

Much as I am excited about the new year, I’m setting myself the challenge of buying less new clothes and re-interpreting items hiding in the deep recesses of my wardrobe.

One of the items I love deeply is my Levi’s 501 jeans. I had retired it in a large vacuum bag when the the skinny jeans trend picked up steam.

I pulled them out and had looked online for some ideas of how I can carry these off in the age of skinnies.


(Above: It was retired in Feb 2013.)


(Above: I put one of my skinnies on the 501s just to compare the cut.)

* * * * *

With the jeans, I paired them with a few tops and paraded them in front of my long-suffering husband. The poor man, he’s not sure if what his answers should be.

“Do I look alright in this outfit?”

“…. err, I can’t see…”

“No, I mean, can the look fly?”


“I mean, do the jeans look too clunky at this length?”

(He realised it’s not a trick question.) “Ah, no, looks ok. Is this new?”

“No, it’s my 501s!”

“Nice!” (Relieved. he turned back to football commentary.)

Great! Am gg to try out it out one of these days and update with pictures!


One thought on “Bringing Back my classic 501s!

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