Emptyhanded Friday Night

What do you do when deadlines abound, work is piling up, your head feels like it’s going to implode, AND you’ve signed up to attend a symposium?

Well, I chose to say ‘eff it all’, and headed out for some retail therapy instead: I’m on the hunt for a pair of leather boots, and also a pair of flat dressy sandals for a beach wedding in the Dominican Republic.

I popped into Nordstrom Rack, and though I did try a few contenders, I ultimately left emptyhanded:

Most of the boots were flat riding boots, and I’m looking for leather dress boots with a heel. I quickly picked out this pair by Diesel, and, though comfortable and easy to walk in, the leather had a strange tinge to it. It seemed to be a mix of grey/purple/blue/brown, and I also felt that the boots were more ‘edgy’ rather than dressy. For $169, I passed on them.

Next I found this lovely pair of sandals which would have fit the bill for the Dominican Republic wedding. However, the ankle straps were not adjustable (zippered back) so the back of my foot flapped around too much in it. I would have bought them otherwise ($24.95 I think?).

This pair of cream-colored peeptoes with an adorable bow by Enzo Angiolini was a mere $22! However, bearing in mind that I had just acquired a $15 Vince Camuto pair, and the fact that these felt very stiff & uncomfortable, I promptly put them back.

Let the shoe hunt continue!


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