Boot-y hunter

It’s a sadly familiar ritual: I show up at DSW, gawk at the aisles upon aisles of boots, and find myself leaving empty handed. I did not think it would be so challenging to replace my current boots, which are slightly worse for wear.

I tried on these Calvin Klein “Hanabelle” boots, priced at a mere $85, AND I had $15 in coupons:
They are a russet brown, but the reddish hue would make them less versatile. (Although I did love this pair of red DvF boots!) So despite the great deal, I did not buy them.

Next, I tried on this beautiful Michael Kors pair with a stacked heel + platform front. Very comfortable, stylish, but I was not willing to spend $295 on them.

I’m headed to the outlet shops in a couple of weeks here, so hopefully I have some luck then!

3 thoughts on “Boot-y hunter

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