Phillip Lim for Target: Sequin Dress

I find that most of my clothing purchases happening innocuously enough, when I am completely not intending to buy anything! Case in point, I made a 10pm run to Target for toilet paper (yes, how glamorous…) and ended up leaving with a Phillip Lim dress for $34.

It is navy blue, a light chiffon material that makes the asymmetrical hem swirl as one walks, and has a bold splash of sequins on the toga-inspired front, and the back:



I grabbed my new nude peeptoes only because they were the most accessible pair in my closet. I would probably wear these with darker shoes.

Sequins! The husband, upon seeing the dress, asked “Have you ever owned anything with SEQUINS before?!”

A better representation by the models

It’s still $74.99 online.

This would be a perfect “wedding guest dress”, if not for the fact that I never attend weddings as a guest…. Maybe I’ll wear this to Vegas next month!


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