Daily Essentials

“What has it gots in its pocketses?”

I carry some essentials in my purse every day, and here’s what they are:

1. Make up pouch: Yes, this embroidered, floral pouch is decidedly not “me”, but after leaving my previous make-up pouch at a public bathroom after watching Skyfall, I just used whatever I have. My mother bought this for me from Thailand some years ago.

2. Spare contacts: I can’t drive without my contacts / glasses, so I carry a pair of spare dailies, just in case.

3. Hair ties: 2 elastic hair ties, because… who knows when you’ll need it.

4. L’Oreal Blush: My Chanel / Estee Lauder days are behind me. Hello $9 L’Oreal blush!

5. Hairbrush: Because my hair can get crazy sometimes.

6. Interdental picks: Food-in-teeth can negate a well made-up face. #justsayin’

7. L’Oreal powder foundation: Love the “mineral sheers” series! I usually apply BB cream at home, then powder my face + blusher in the car. 90 seconds and done!

8. Moisturizer: I always carry lotion because dry scaly skin is icky. This is an almost-depleted travel-sized bottle of ‘Rain Kissed Leaves’ by Bath & Body Works that I picked up at the Governor hotel in Madison, WI in erm… 2011.

9. Blotting sheets: Excess shine is no bueno, so I use these Gatsby powdered blotting sheets.

10. Lip balms: Burt’s Bees tinted lip balm – my favorite lip product EVER!, and Clinique’s lipstain in ‘black honey’ that I got for free last year. Burt’s Bees for day time, Clinique’s for night since it’s a little more intense and long-lasting.

And… I desperately need a new make-up pouch!


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