Lugging Lipsticks

I’m chronically insecure about lips. As in, I stress myself silly that my lips would flake and peel in humid Singapore without lip balm. *mad*

I had run out of the apartment without lip balm and had to spend the next hour looking for a replacement at the nearest mall. Not a difficult task unless I happen to be in industrial estates with nothing but factories.

Anyway, a peek into my handbag would reveal 2 holders of lip products.

My trusty Cocoon Grid-It (see below) containing essentials like iPod Nano, headset with mic, pen and pencil, thumb drive, lipstick and lip balm. The lip colour of choice lately has been Shu Uemura’s BG 960. It’s kind of an MLBB (my lips but better) lipstick for me. Love it!

I also have been lugging a fresh citrus oil to combat the awful food court smells that linger on me after lunch.


While the Grid-It is the go-to container for all outings, even for a dash to the bank, I have a cosmetic pouch to hold additional essentials.

In this versatile Harrods pouch gifted by a friend, I have a small compact mirror from The Body Shop, a tiny lip brush in case I need more defined lips, another lipstick (just a back-up. This colour is a Shu Uemura special with Karl Lagerfeld in Parisienne Pink), a clear gloss from The Body Shop and a Badger balm for dry cuticles or just to tame fly away hair.


The clear gloss is a very recent purchase (in late Sep). I bought it when it hit me out of the blue that I NEVER had a clear gloss before.

How did I ever live without it???


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