Dealing With A Dry Patchy Back

This has been stressing me out majorly this year. Dry patches on the top of my back, just where the shoulder blades are, have been showing up due to lack of care and, possibly, much walking under the hot sun most of last year.  (yes, i think the sun’s rays had pierced through the clothes onto the skin).

Anyway, I tried a course of IPL (intense pulse light) over a 3 month period, it didn’t really help. The patches were still highly visible. So, after the costly treatment, i stopped and decided to do a re-think and look for a less costly solution.

See, i figured that it’s just really very dry and needed INTENSE moisturising. So that’s #1 criteria.

Then, to get rid of the tough dead skin, I’ll need to massively slough it off with something that doesn’t melt into my skin. If it dissolves into the skin, it can’t scrub away the dry cells. So, no-melt is the #2 criteria.

Found the perfect intense moisturising + no-dissolve scrub in this combination:  Vaseline + Adzuki Bean & Rice Grains



(picture credit above: Unilever)


spa wisdom japan(picture credit above: The Body Shop USA)


I’ve tried this combination about 3 times. It’s working!  (see below)


patchy skin


Just need to stay the course and probably get it down to just every 2 weeks. ‘cos all that scrubbing is aggravating my sensitive skin!!




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