How much do you cost, exactly?

A friend of ours made a random Facebook post about how much our daily outfit costs, and reckons his cost around SGD 2,900. That got me rebutting that most people cost wwaaayyy less than that.

Since I have stopped working, this is how much I cost (roughly):


– Aeropostale Tshirt: gift from friends. Presumably bought from an outlet in the US. USD15, perhaps?
– Capri pants: bought from bazaar in China. Likely SGD5.
– Shoes from a Hong Kong brand Jipi & Japan: I think it cost about SGD60.
– Watch: a gift from my sister – it’s a Korean mini watch bought online. Around SGD20.
– Bag from Korean online shop USD40.
– CK wallet in bag (just because our friend included that in his calculation): around SGD25 (I bought it in a Hong Kong outlet)

Total: just over USD135.

Then again, most of what I have were bought on trips overseas and I haven’t factored in that cost. Plus, I always wear a diamond ring and a pair of diamond earrings that cost around USD620 altogether. So I may be closer to SGD2,900 than I think I am.

How much does it cost you to dress up today?

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2 thoughts on “How much do you cost, exactly?

  1. I can see how the numbers are shocking: Imagine the person I know with the multiple Hermes Birkin bags!

    My outfit today was…. $5 t-shirt, $16 Levi’s, $19 Teva flipflops, $130 Calvin Klein bag, $12 Oscar de la Renta sunglasses, $60 Kenneth Cole Reaction watch. Total: US$182. I guess if you add the iPhone it bumps the number up?

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