It’s time for spring-cleaning, and here are some suggestions adapted from this BHG article:

– Sort through your clothes. Set aside those that you haven’t worn in 6 months.
– Do they still fit?
– Do you still like them?

– If you answered ‘No’ to the last two questions above, be honest with yourself and donate them!

– Now that you have more room in your closet, better organize your clothing so you can see what you have and wear the pieces you love!

Other tips:

“Fluctuating waistlines, happy memories, and sentimentality keep us holding on to items longer than we should. Simple solution: Place a large cloth bag on the floor of your closet. Each day, ask yourself three questions about one piece of clothing:

1. Is it flattering?

2. Do I love it?

3. Does it represent who I am today?

If the answer is no to any one, put the item in the bag to be donated.

— Sarah Welch and Alicia Rockmore, authors of Pretty Neat

Declutter & Donate:

Keep a donation hamper in your closet. Every two weeks, select an item of clothing you haven’t worn in the past six months and throw it in. When the hamper is full, take it to a local charitable organization.

– Peter Walsh, organizing expert and author of Enough Already!

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