The No-Go Colour Combo Zone

On Saturday, I wore my dark blue A-line cotton dress out. But in my haste, I had not repacked my handbag / tote to complement this dress.

Had to lug my black bag which I had been using during the work wk.

Ugh. I cringe at wearing dark blue and black combo. Fortunately, the Husband had left something behind and we drive home. I quickly changed my bag. (for the blue dress? Taupe, of course!)


Also cringe at these colour combos:

~ Pink & Red

~ Dark Brown & Black

~ Green & Brown (we r not walking trees!)

~ Green & Red (only for elves)

~ Red & White (no, not even for Singapore’s National Day)

~ Green & Blue (only for the very adventurous and wacky. It is hard to pull off)

And, lastly, maybe it was the ABBA overdose but I have a hard time putting Pink & Blue together.


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