Bye bye New Year

So the Lunar New Year celebrations draws to a close, since this is the fifteenth day of the first lunar month. The cheongsam that my sister ordered for me from qoo10 actually arrived 4 days ago… Amazing speed, I must say.

Giving a sneak preview on Clueless Closettes…Ta-da!


I held back from buying the conventional floral prints but I still wanted something traditional enough to wear at weddings and functions. So I chose a Chinese white-and-blue porcelain (青花) print with black piping and Chinese buttons.

Considering that I bought it online, I am amazed that it’s almost a perfect fit. And gosh! it’s S$25. What more can I ask for? Said cheongsam will officially debut at a friend/ex-colleague’s wedding in April.

If you are interested, the qoo10 shop that I bought the cheongsam from is called blingshop.

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