Before and After: closet n buttons

I have a few good tops that are asymmetrical. The problem with these are that the tend to fall off their hangers. I had been tempted to buy those fancy hangers but had always been out off by their prices. Today, while slowly browsing at Daiso (everything is s$2 in that shop), i chanced upon fabric hangers in tiny florals.

Bought 2 just to try out. Here’s the BEFORE and AFTER. Those pretty fabric hangers work a treat!!



See my dark blue Jessica top. With the usual black plastic hanger, the neckline slides to its max while it stays put on the fabric hanger. Yay!

Also picked up a box at the “nails” section of the store for DIY nail art with sequins and colours. I thoughtthe plastic compartments would help keep the many buttons and sequins collected from new outfits in a orderly fashion.

It would be a step up from the higgly-piggly-throw-all-into-sewing-kit situation.

And here’s the BEFORE and AFTER look:


*hearts Daiso*


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