Peplum on Small White Skinny

I spent most of 2012 dodging peplums. It is a fad, I reasoned with myself, and you don’t want to be stuck with a has-been, I said.

Well, come 2013, it is still around. Plus, I found one that fit just nicely in a fabric that I could roll up and pack on work trips. (note: work dressing in major Asian cities still require women to be in skirts and stockings. I had already ditched stockings but kept conservative dresses for for trips.)

Here is a white dress from Joop with a large comfy cardi because I had a cold.


Up close, here is what the dress looked like without the cardi.


Simple outfit for work. Only drawback is that I feel conscious about wearing a fitted white dress. Made sure that I didn’t slouch or have a pooch in that outfit!

3 thoughts on “Peplum on Small White Skinny

  1. Peplum is one of the classic designs, just like peterpan collar, and will always make a comeback. Put the design at the right place and you won’t find it a ‘has-been’.

    And you are looking good! “D

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