Review: Snowberry – the sample collection

This is long overdue.

The Snowberry Natural Beauty – The Sample Collection contains a 6 tiny tubes with 7ml of products each. Supposed to last just a week, I had been using it for close to 2 weeks now and the cleanser is finally finished! The rest of the products, however, have yet to  be depleted.

The little set contains:

  • Instant Deep Cleanser
  • Smoothing Eye Cream
  • Intensive Renewal Face Serum
  • Nourishing Lite Day Cream
  • Nourishing Rich Day Cream
  • Cellular Regeneration Night Cream

No toner in the set. I continued to use my Santaverde Aloe Vera Facial Toner Sensitive.  Here’s my review of the set:

1. After more than a week, what’s my verdict on this Snowberry set?  I think it’s great value. My facial skin took to the new products easily, no outbreaks. Instead, it was when I switched back to my regular products that a giant pimple popped up on my forehead. I would definitely want to bring it with me if I’m doing a 10-day-3-cities-hop-in-and-out-of-hotels-and-airports kind of trip.  Even for a 4-day Bangkok shopping trip, this would work for me too. [side note: Looking like a tourist is bad enough, if my face has to rebel – taut feeling, patchy eyes / face, spotty bits, etc – my shopping would be affected!!!]

2. What do I like about this Set?  I think it’s the range. For days that I was holed up in aircon environment for 10 to 12 hours straight, I only needed to put on the Rich Day Cream lightly on my face and neck early in the morning. For days that I would be in non-aircon from 9am to 12 midnight in Singapore’s humid weather, I only needed the Lite Day Cream before I left the house. My test is whether my skin will start to feel dry and taut (in aircon) or greasy (in the humidity). Neither happened!

3.  Did I like everything in the set? Or were there anything that I couldn’t figure out?  Had to be the Intensive Renewal Face Serum. I’m not sure what it really does. I know I should try the Serum+Day Cream combination on one side of the face and just the Day Cream on the other side to judge if there’s any visible difference in skin texture… but, well, who has the time?! For a stretch of 3 nights, I was coming home close to 1am. That said, after that harrowing week, I *thought* my face had a glow. It certainly did  NOT look like I hadn’t been sleeping much.

4.  What was the product that surprised me most? The Eye Serum. I’m used to dabbing eye creams sparingly. Hate the tight feeling the next morning if my eye area hadn’t been well-moisturised. When I first squeezed out the Eye Serum, it was a light cream-gel. My heart sank. I didn’t have any hopes for it. Had to put it on by massaging in circular motion around my eye area. When I woke up the next morning,  however, I didn’t have any tight feeling! It was a most pleasant surprise. So I continued to use it day and night. There’s still Eye Serum in the tube after more than 10 days of use. Very pleased with it!

5. Is there anything in that set that I’d like to change?  Well, the Instant Deep Cleanser went from zero to hero and back to, well, almost hero, for me. Let me explain: I had thought it’d be one of those gel cleanser that gets rid of make-up and then rinses off. I hate those. Am glad that this Cleanser isn’t that at all. When I squeezed it out of the tube, it was a carrot-orange thick creamy gel-looking cleanser. I decided that the best use will be to massage it on to the face and neck in circular motion. After which, I’d clean off with a wet cotton pad or handkerchief (less wastage). It worked great. But, thing is, the viscosity of the Cleanser bothered me. It is too thick to do as a quickie rub-all-over-face-and-neck cleanser. So, for those nights that I came home late and / or left the house early, it was a bit of a chore to do the slow, deliberate massage.

6. If I’m going to buy the full-size products, what will it be?  If I’m on a budget, for sure I’ll just grab the Eye Serum, Lite Day Cream and Night Cream and run with them.

Note: I wasn’t sponsored nor given the set to try. I had bought the set. I’d been going to Pure Tincture in Singapore for organic / natural skincare for a few years, depending on the store owner, Helen, for recommendations. 


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