A month of four weddings

Hi hi it’s been so long and as always life took over.

I have been attending wedding after wedding, practically since the start of the year. Received invites for five but could only attend four… And already I was running out of things to wear. You know how it is – you try not to make a ‘repeat performance’ of the same outfit with the same circle of friends/colleagues. I finally ran out of dresses, and as part of my self-imposed austerity drive I raided Ms Dressy‘s wardrobe for an outfit for the last wedding dinner, out of desperation (thank you!).

So here it is: a visual summary of what I wore…


(From left, clockwise) Ms Dressy’s electric blue flowery long dress; my favourite Calvin Klein red satin toga cocktail dress which I snagged at a Las Vegas outlet store 3 years ago while visiting MonoChameleon. It’s the best dress to wear for a wedding dinner cos there’s enough room for food =); my Coast gunmetal grey bustier dress with floral details; the Duchess Kate-inspired outfit and the last two pictures are my cheongsam-like pale yellow shantung silk dress with cowl collar, which I designed and had my mom’s seamstress sew. It was my Lunar New Year outfit a couple of years ago, and I thought it was elegant and appropriate enough for me to wear it as I was cantoring at the wedding mass.

This is The Year of Weddings and i have another two invites in April and possibly one more in November. More time to think about what to wear, and perhaps I gotta visit Ms Dressy again soon =l

P/S: by the way, how do you like the treatment of my photos? Am playing around with the “Paper Artist” photo editor software that I just discovered on my Samsung Galaxy.

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4 thoughts on “A month of four weddings

  1. That red dress is absolutely GORGEOUS on you! And I recognize the grey dress from my wedding! You have such awesome taste in dresses, and you wear them so well. Case in point: you were va-va-voom sexaaaaaay at the recent Closettes Christmas in that black lace dress! I heart you KNoona!

    Oh, I don’t mind the collage, but I would also like to see each dress in its full glory! 😛

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