Camel Yin and Yang

The Chinese believe in attaining a balance of the dualities in the natural world… E.g striking a balance of hot and the cold, the dark and the light etc. This is commonly referred to as the yin-yang concept.

For instance, if one takes too much chocolates (considered as “heaty” food), one needs to counter that “heat” with something like chrysamthemum flower drink or boiled barley grains (considered “cooling”). Otherwise, the evil zits could pop up on one’s face due to the “heatiness” in one’s body as the balance is displaced.

I decided to apply the yin-yang concept to my Shoes of the Day today: camel-coloured wedge shoes.

One its own, these wedges have a clunky / heavy look, compared with its kitten cousins.

I balanced its heavy looks with a floaty chiffon dress in light green.

Am quite pleased with the overall effect. Psychologically i felt more grounded as i strode out for lunch in the breeze.


4 thoughts on “Camel Yin and Yang

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