Mini Toner Facial

Looked into the bathroom mirror under the harsh white light at my complexion, I noticed that the faint freckles and darker patches on both sides of the face, on cheeckbones, were more obvious. The entire face was lighter and the pore tighter. Overall, smoother and healthier.

* * * * *

The night before, I had done a mini-facial at home (because thanks to the pre Chinese New Year frenzy, I couldn’t get an appointment at my usual salon!!).

I cleansed with the usual cream cleaser, The Body Shop’s Vitamin E cream cleaser, followed by a light scrub.

Then I was ready for my mask: A lot of toner (The Body Shop’s Shiso White toner) on a tiny and compact facial sheet (from Muji).

Once the sheet was soaked through, carefully opened up and placed onto my face.

(What follows was a lot of Angry Birding and Youtubing on the iPad. )

About 30mins later, peeled off mask and lighly massaged face. Rinsed off with water. (I know this isn’t neccessary but I can’t deal with it.)

Pat dry and moisturised with one of my favourite facial oil, Suki’s carrot facial oil for dry-combination skin.



* * * * *

Next day, voila! Better-looking skin and no icky, taut feeling! *happy*


4 thoughts on “Mini Toner Facial

  1. I use the same Muji facial sheet mask too! I soak it up with Kose Lotion and put on face after all the scrubbing and cleaning. The lotion gets absorbed by the skin and my facial skin always look supple and moist after each apply! “)

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