New loves: Velvet & Vine Scrub & Hadalabo Moisture Milk

I received 2 new products today, and love them both.

First up, Velvet & Vine‘s Bergamot & Jasmine body scrub. It smells SO absolutely AMAZING! I used it on my legs, and now my hands smell SO GOOD too, I can’t stop sniffing them as I type!

I was at Nordstrom Rack today and spotted this in the clearance bin. I took a whiff and was instantly enamored. At $4 for a nice fat tube, I ain’t complaining! My legs certainly feel smoother and more moisturized too.

Also, I realized that…. after all these years, I don’t actually have a “day” moisturizer, or rather, just something nice & light to use under my Hadalabo toner and newly-acquired SK-II serums.

Enter Hadalabo Moisture Milk. I first heard of this (and Hadalabo) when the BFF was my house guest, and was surprised that someone with a very expensive arsenal of skincare products actually swears by this “humble” lotion. I tried it and was sold on the light texture that’s readily absorbed, without any greasy residue. Instead, it dries to a soft, dewy, semi-matte finish. Perfect! Just what I need!


I feel confident that this would be perfect in my new 2013 skincare regime (daytime):
– Hadalabo Toner, patted into skin till tacky & dry
– Hadalabo Moisture Milk
Neutrogena sunblock
Clinique BB Cream
– Light pat of Neutrogena Mineral Sheers powder (optional)

At night:
– Hadalabo Toner
– SK-II Cellumination Essence or Whitening Essence (which I’ve suspended using due to IPL facials)
– Hadalabo Moisture Milk

It sounds like a LOT, but it really isn’t. Thankfully every “layer” is light, and dries quickly.

Yaay for day of good skincare finds!

3 thoughts on “New loves: Velvet & Vine Scrub & Hadalabo Moisture Milk

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