Three x Florals

I resisted floral jeans for the loooooongest time until last night.

Tried on a pair of Uniqlo’s new ‘tapered skinny’ jeans and I was hooked. Hooked not by the print, but by the flattering AND comfy cut. (Is it me or do you also feel a tad strangled sitting at your desk or the urge to go to the loo more often in them skinny jeans??)

Anyway, I paid for the jeans and had it shortened free within 45mins at the store.

So, how to wear floral jeans? I tried with a plain white long sleeved t-shirt and it didnt work. I looked like I was in my PJs.

Like birds of the same feather, floral jeans flock best with its own kind.


White blouse with floral embroidery (from Bangkok)
Jeans (Uniqlo)
Birkenstocks (from many, many moons ago. They really last!)



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