1st try: IPL Photofacial

Fresh from our recent travels, I’ve been paying extra attention to my skin. So of course, Groupon kickstarts the year with a slew of beauty/fitness deals, and I buy, on impulse, a package for IPL Photofacials, hoping to help arrest the worsening freckles/sunspots after our extended beach vacation.

Today I had the first session, and I’m glad to report that my skin isn’t any worse for wear, and I had nary any redness!


This machine was quite loud, surprisingly, though it didn’t hurt too bad. I had a cooling gel slathered all over my face to help minimize discomfort.

I was informed that over the next 7-10 days, my freckles/spots may begin to darken to the color of coffee grounds before gradually flaking off (!!!!), so I need not panic. Here are some do’s and don’ts that the doctor shared with me:

– Cleanse as usual, but do so gently
– Moisturize!
Use sunblock dutifully

– Do not use a cleaning brush or washcloth to scrub your face
– Do not pick at the “scabs” (darkened spots waiting to fall off)
– Stop using intensive whitening products
– Avoid facials / microdermabrasion etc

This is how my skin looks today after the treatment, without any make-up on. The spots and specks are quite obvious.

I found my face seemed really dry after cleansing, so after toning with Neutrogena’s Alcohol-free toner, I put on a paper mask (foreground), part of my Christmas gifts from the lovely Miss Dressy:

The mask was very well absorbed, as I patted the residual toner onto my face (count to 100 while doing so and it will dry to a slightly tacky finish).

I smooth 2 drops of Cellumination Essence onto my face and my skin, probably parched from the lasering, lapped it all up. Then I added a thin coat of moisturizer.

Let’s hope nothing too crazy happens to my skin over the next few weeks. My next appointment is at the end of the month, and I sure am excited to see if this really works to downplay the appearance of these spots!

3 thoughts on “1st try: IPL Photofacial

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