Resolution in Action

During my recent visit to the SK-II Boutique Spa in Singapore, the consultant did not mask her horror when she learned that I only used a BB Cream with SPF 30 as sun protection. “You need sunblock.” She said bluntly and absolutely.

I closely examined my skin yesterday, paying it extra attention after the long trans-Pacific flight, and was rather horrified by the sun-caused pigmentation. My freckles have grown significantly, some even merging to form big brown spots. Sigh. I could not disagree with the SK-II consultant.

And so I bought this: Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Liquid sunblock.
Unfortunately, this was in a sealed pack, so I couldn’t test it nor return it. In retrospect, I like the matt texture of the Neutrogena Clear better, which I managed to test. Sad… The one I purchased seems greasier and leaves a shinier finish. Sigh.


Either way, in this new year, I resolve to wear sunblock every day.

2 thoughts on “Resolution in Action

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