New, new, new!

New post!

New house!

New year!

We recently moved into our own place, and when A mentioned that we would be doing a lot of the reno ourselves, I was very excited! I’d seen our very situation many times over in the movies: a young couple excitedly moves into their first house and immediately sets about to changing the paint colour of all the walls. They start painting and a couple of scenes later they’re done!

That, my friends, is yet another Hollywood deception. It is a long, drawn-out, messy process. Which is why my uniform for the entire process was this exact outfit:


(Action shot to prove I actually have performed some manual labour). Blue and white plaid shirt, Dorothy Perkins denim skinnies, and one blue and one pink sock, each paint-spattered by this point. (Note on the different coloured socks: this was a trend that started in high school, and I continued it on when I moved to Toronto. I had graduated onto to matching socks but had to go back when A declared he preferred the mismatch).

This is what had happened by the end of the paint job:


More paint on me than the walls? Perhaps.

While on the topic of clothes, check out A modelling his new wardrobe:


A sports stylish new options for dressing your windows. On the left, a shower of multi-coloured squares decorate the material, while on the right, we see the time-tested elegance of simple white.

(In case you’re wondering, we didn’t go with either of these designs).

2013 seems like it will be holding a lot more in terms of house fashion for me, but hopefully a lot more of me fashion for you! (also I really really hope 2013 doesn’t bring out that blue plaid shirt again!)


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