Hits on my list

This year, i jumped on the online shopping wagon and plunged into the “sprees” offering cheap K-fashion, squeezed my bulging knee caps and flacid butt into skinny jeans and tights, and bought too many pairs of shoes and bags.

Of all the bits and bobs floating around 2012, i’d say these are the stars in my 45:

1.  Revisit. The cheongsams made 10 years ago top my list! Am so grateful for quality tailoring and the most wonderful seamstress who patiently helped me loosen my stash of cheongsams to fit my current body shape.

2.  Long. Long skirts this year really rocked! The black ballerina skirt by Indonesia’s Proklamasi, the Japanese-inspired skirt by Womb, the asymetrical Depression dress and ankle-length chiffon from Queenbels were fab!!

3.  Local designers. The “gears” necklace as i called it (Heavy Mettle by Carrie K) became my go-to necklace for the year. Wore that with dresses or jeans & tee-shirt combo, they were just fab. The snakeskin leather bag by Ling Wu was another great value – it could hold my entire kitchen sink despite its small frame!

4.  Leather bags. Ok, early in the year i succumbed to a lovely yellow Goyard bag. I realised that the price of that bag was my total entertainment claims for 2011. Gulp! That said, i am still loving it and using it almost daily.

5.  Colours.  For some strange reasons, for most of this year, i was bored with black. And even when i did wear black or greys, i had to pair them with bright red or yellow or pink bags.


Looking ahead at 2013, i am already thinking of how i can make space in my wardrobe for new outfits!!!

Happy New Year, everyone!


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