Christmas Closettes

Five out of six Closettes celebrated Christmas in style, with delicious food, pretty clothes, and fabulous friends!
L-R: KNoona, Little Miss Atas, Miss Dressy, Small White Skinny, and the MonoChromatic Chameleon.


I had intended to wear this dress, but alas, being on vacation and overly indulgent in the gastronomic offerings in Singapore, the fit was a tad too tight. I ended up improvising and wore this maxi skirt as a dress instead, cinched with an H&M belt that’s… worn in reverse. I had grabbed it in New York and somehow didn’t realize I was looking at the inside of the belt: the exterior is a stark shade of fluorescent yellow.

Maxi skirt: About $18
Belt: $12 from H&M
Shoes: $27 from DSW, by Enzo Angiolini
Earrings: $7.99 from Burlington Coat Factory
Purse: $129 by Calvin Klein

Life’s always better when the Closettes are together! (We miss you, HRH M!)


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