Unintentionally chic?


One of my favorite things to travel with is The Buff, a versatile accessory that is essentially a seamless, stretchy piece of fabric I purchased for $19.99 a few years ago for my trip to South America. It can be worn as a beanie, a bandana, a scarf, a muff, a wrist wrap… so many things you can imagine, essentially.

This time, I wore it around my neck so that I may pull it over my nose and mouth when riding in the motorized tricycles here in the Cordillera of northern Philippines, as we would get unceremoniously dusted by passing jeepneys and vehicles of any and all sorts.

Functionality aside, I just realized that it added a little dash of color to my plain quick-dry shirt. Plus one point for traveler fashion?

Top: Quick dry top by REI, $15-ish
Buff: $19.99 from REI
Sunglasses: Armani Exchange, $24

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