Grease is the word


I’m on a 4-week trip at the moment, and because all my worldly possessions are on my back, I’ve packed light in the Beauty department, relying on my favorite SPF-included BB cream + sunblock, and no make-up at all.

However, after wandering the humid streets of Manila, I desperately sought something inexpensive to reduce the awful greasy, sticky feeling on my face. I was so shiny I looked like a greasy fried banana.

Thankfully I found one of the ubiquitous Watson’s outlets and picked up this Maybelline “long lasting oil control” powder (about US$6). A light pat, very sparingly used, helped matte me down a little. Not the best thing out there, but oh well. You use what you can find.

I also bought some Mandom Gatsby powdered blotting sheets as back up. I have really been too spoiled by Southern California’s perfect weather, and, well, recently Manhattan in Fall = no shine, no stickyness, no greasy face.

Ah, travel….



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