The Main Course

I realised I’ve never introduced the Closettes to my wardrobe!

Say hi!!

When I started working, I wore a lot of pants. Black pants. Air-conditing in the office was cold, I wasn’t used to it and pants were the best cover-up. I think I only started wearing dresses in ‘Winter Sandwich’… ironic isn’t it, since the ‘winters’ there were ccooolllddd (just even thinking about it).

Do you guys remember this dress (left)? One of those lunchtime “I’m-so-bored-at-work-let’s-shop-cheap-at-This Fashion”  buys when we were in the Winter wonderland. I still have it. And I still wear it.

I really don’t like throwing my clothes out unless they are torn, spoilt or I grow out of them (read: become fatter). I feel terrible throwing out things that are wearable when I think about Cambodian kids I met who had either no top or bottom because they were so poor. I try to buy classic pieces that will last. And I keep accumulating. And accumulating. And accumulating.

The last three years though, saw a rapid expansion of The Wardrobe, in part because of Catwoman (my sister)’s discovery of the newest evil – Online Shopping. Our go-to site is, hence my leaning towards Korean-designed/made clothes.

I like Zipia for the quality of the fabric, the sewing and the accuracy in size as shown on the website. You don’t get nasty surprises, and it’s reasonably priced in general – not cheap, but reasonable, especially with the strong Sing dollar these days (the site’s priced in US$). And it’s easy to coordinate buys among friends to accumulate US$500 worth of purchases so they make shipment FOC. But even while shopping on Zipia, I try to find pieces that can bring me from day to night and remain classic over the years, despite their trendiness. And this site has served me quite well for past 3 years.

Some of my Zipia purchases

Thank goodness Korea has 4 seasons, which means for half a year we can’t buy clothes from Zipia. Phew! My credit cards are grateful. But, I still had to make it a habit to clear out old pieces for donation, and it’s hard to part with favourite pieces that had served me well (I’m a hoarder that way). But I’m proud of how I have organised my wardrobe and the pieces I have in them. It’s workable and stylish (enough, I think). And that’s good enough for me.


4 thoughts on “The Main Course

  1. I just packed a bag of clothes and other stuff for Salvation Army. But there are clothes made as far back as 1995 that i dont have the heart to give away. And yes, those r the classic pieces. 🙂

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