Hermès exhibition: The Gift of Time

I’ve been wanting to write about this for a while now (can’t help but think of MonoChromatic and her Hermès loving friend…)… but, here it is, finally.

I visited Hermès’ “The Gift of Time” exhibition in August when it was shown here, and it was an interesting experience. Singapore was the second stop for the travelling exhibition, after Hong Kong. Fittingly set in the beautiful Art Deco building of the former Tanjong Pagar Railway Station (below), the exhibition invited visitors to pause and think about the passage of time. To start them off on the exploration, each visitor was given an Hermès pouch to put in their watches so they can set aside time to explore the exhibition. Well, this pouch is probably the only “Hermès” that I’ll ever own. 🙂

(right, second picture) After the exhibition, visitors can chill out and have a bite from the stores selling retro food items like popsicles and old-style pastries while sitting in wood-constructed train sets. Felt like I was back in school. Quite cool.

The first exhibit was a “sun dial” set on an Hermès scarf (below, right, second pix). The second room is filled with meaningful quotes about time, set amidst videos showing how Hermès watches are created. I liked this room – I spent a fair bit of time pondering about the quotes.

The subsequent exhibits were also interesting: a series of horse saddles, meant to depict a galloping horse passing through (hence the varying size); old and new Hermès bags with another green Hermès bag oscillating in between – again, meant to show the passing of time (and perhaps, the timelessness of Hermès’ design?), a door made up of leather pieces in various shades of brown, pieced together to form the face of a cat staring at a bird in a cage (made of leather as well)… and more.

Photo credit: (bottom, right) 小V

Photo credits: (from left, main picture) 小V; (smaller pictures, first two from the top) SurfaceAsiaMag.com; (third picture) InDesignLive.Asia.

Photo credit: (bottom, left and top, right) 小V

Overall, an enjoyable exhibition. I’m glad I caught it.

Lille, France was the next scheduled stop for the exhibition, though I’m not sure if it’s still showing there.

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