New favorite bag


I tried out this small camera bag by Canon a few weeks ago when it came with the 5D Mark III we loaned to test out (verdict: yes, yes, and yes!), and after using it at a wedding, I was impressed at how much I liked it. With it’s small size but adequate compartments, it makes for a very functional camera bag without being stupid bulky.

Aesthetically-speaking, I like the shiny buckles and silver detailing, although The Husband is not a fan of the buckles and even offered to wrap them up with gaff tape. Erm, no thanks. Since this is MY bag, they get to stay the way they are.

I am super pleased with this find, and at $39, it is certainly well-priced too.

Yaay to my new favorite bag!


One thought on “New favorite bag

  1. oh nice! i dont have the heart to junk my old camera bag (cane with the first camera i bought), even though its starting to fray. this one’s pretty and functional. 🙂

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