Web Favorites: WearEverTheWeather

October is such a tricky time here in the US, as Summer willfully hangs on to its last vestiges of dominance, nevermind that it is now officially Fall’s show. Summer is loud, brazen, and the guest that has completely overstayed her welcome. Fall, on the other hand, has been a shy, meek nymph, silently waiting in the wings. She is fickle, and makes fleeting appearances that do no more than tempt you with her soothing touch, bringing a wispy hint of much-desired but unattained relief from the Summer’s blistering intensity.

I’m headed to NYC next week, and as such, I am having the hardest time figuring out what to pack. Layering + sensible walking shoes seem to be the most common advice. I am itching to go full on Fall/Winter, but that whore that is Summer just refuses to leave.

Enter WearEverTheWeather.com: Punch in your destination, the date (only applicable for the next 5 days for the most accurate weather forecast), and the website churns out a list of wardrobe ideas for you!

Screenshot of wearevertheweather.com/

Here’s what it suggested for NYC based on the weather forecast shown:

…. And the suggestions for LA:

The coolest part of it all? Just click on any of the items, and it actually takes you to the site you can purchase it!

You can create and save outfits, and even share them with friends.

While the suggested pieces of clothing may not be the most accurate to the actual weather conditions, and some of the suggestions may totally not be your style, I am impressed that there’s a wide range of price points suggested (from Old Navy to Lucky brand jeans) and it’s just so fun to mix & match!

This site is certainly is a great concept, not to mention, it also provides a great starting point for ideas if you’re completely stumped. I will certainly be checking back for my actual travel dates, just for fun!

NOTE: We are neither affiliated with, nor paid/perked by the sites and resources mentioned. We are sharing them purely because we find these sites interesting, helpful and/or relevant to our blog’s primary subject matter.


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