Tee Tree Mee

When packing for my recent trip to Karachi, I didn’t feel like lugging around my giant bottle of facewash (nor could be bothered enough to put some into a small jar), so I headed to the nearest Body Shop to buy some tea tree facial wipes. I figured with the heat and all the make-up I’d have to do while being there for a wedding, I’d need all the extra help I can get anyways.

When I reached the cashier, I noticed a new tea tree product next to the register and picked it up while my purchase was being rung up. She said it was brand new and at that point only available to Body Shop members (which I wasn’t). This was obviously followed up by if I wanted to be one, and I would have said no, had I not just found out that I would be getting it for free because it was my birthday month AND 10% stuff I’d buy, so I said, hey sign me up!

Of course then I also had to buy this:

I think it’s available to everyone now. The directions say to put this on AFTER your moisturiser, and it will also give your skin a mattifying effect. I tried this out while in Karachi as well, and I’m quite a fan! My skin simply glowed during that trip. Although, that may have been due to sweating out all the toxins in that heat! In any case, I love the tea tree line of products, and it’s latest addition doesn’t disappoint.


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