The way to ideal skin

I was at Shu Uemura yesterday to replenish my loose powder and noticed a new range of skincare products – the Tsuya Skin.

Tsuya literally means Ideal Skin in Japanese… so being the sucker that I am, I quickly got sold into the sales pitch and ended by getting both the face serum and the UV underbase.

I tried the serum last night and here’re my initial thoughts:

  • Texture of the serum is slightly thicker than others I’ve tried but it gets absorbed into the skin really quickly
  • Dries up on the skin within split seconds and that allowed me to pile on my eye cream and mosituriser without having to wait for the serum to set
  • It doesn’t sting the skin at all (I noticed that some other serums/moisturisers that I’ve tried actually stings the skin before they’re fully set)
  • It smells really good… there’s no eeky plastic-ky smell

Apparently my skin is supposed to be smoother, more glowing and translucent just after 7 days of usage.  Hmm… let’s see if that’s true.

I haven’t had the chance to try out the UV underbase yet; will provide my feedback once I get it.  For now, it’s a burn in the pockets, but hey, let’s hope it’s a worthy burn.


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