Dressing for the Smashing Night Race

September in Singapore is typically hot and humid. As in, visible-armpit-patch-worthy humidity.

So, the dress code at the Grand Prix should be S K I M P Y.  Unless you r THE Girlfriend Whom The Cameramen Loves. Then you’ll have to looked remarkably gorgeous and cool at the same time.


For the drivers, somehow they’ve got workman’s overalls and badges as company-issued uniforms. Too bad they didnt go skimpy.

But for the old uncles and other riff raffs, surely THEY could avoid satin tight shirts in screaming blue and gold????



(picture shot off TV coverage of the ‘live’ interview segment at the 2012 Night Race.)

On a note about the race, it was fab! Lotsa drama w safety car AND  a crash. No injuries, just flying auto body parts. So fun!

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