Duchess Kate came and left our fair shores and is still on the Jubilee Tour, putting on a brave front despite the latest controversy emerging from Europe. (someone should really lock those paparazzi in jail!)

Her short visit has given women like Miss Dressy and I new inspiration for our dresses in the wardrobe. Here are two of my outfits from last week that were Kate-inspired:

(Right) Flowy dress with floral imprints, own creation (more of that in another post), beige fabric belt from Zipia (part of my pleated beige dress), shoes courtesy of HRH Poppie the Lofty (do you remember?), The Bag (yes this is the front view!). Pearl drop-earrings from Chomel.

(Left) Flower pattern dress from Zara, blue belt and (new!) blue bag from Zipia, patented leather shoes  from an outlet store in Hokkaido, in robin egg blue (hey, it’s a new term I learnt from St. James Palace’s media release :)). Earrings, own creation.

And yes, those are curls on my head – temporary ones that my hairstylist did while having fun blow drying my hair.

 I love how Kate’s elegance is giving the British monarchy a new touch of glamour (and her husband doesn’t seem to mind at all). It’s such a positive thing for the Royal Family, and this young couple is a real asset to the UK. Yes, Kate might not have spoken much so far, but Diana didn’t start off saying much either. Hopefully, Kate will transcend beyond the glamour, find her feet soon enough to exert real positive influence through the things she’ll do.

To me, Will & Kate’s fairytale seems similar to his parents’ at the beginning of their marriage, but it feels like this time round they may just have gotten the script right. For their sake, I pray this fairytale lasts.


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