Budget Beauty: Olay Pro-X versus Clarisonic

In today’s marketplace, there is almost always a wide price spectrum for almost every product category, from drugstore brands to high-end ‘cult brands’. This “Budget Beauty” series will provide comparisons, and also include my review on one (if not both) of the products.

Face Cleansing Tool: Olay Pro-X versus Clarisonic Mia

I first noticed evident roughness on my T-zone and chin last year, and an overall dullness to my skin – likely the result of spending summer weekends in the sun. At the same time, the Clarisonic Mia was also very popular, with product displays everywhere, and I had read many good reviews about the system. My interest was definitely piqued to explore the possibility of a cleansing tool to help solve my skin issues.

However, at $149, the Clarisonic was certainly not something I had any interest in procuring. Replacement brushes were also a hefty $40 (twin pack).

Fast forward a few months, and Costco started selling the Olay Pro-X series, including 2 tubes of Olay face scrub, for $37. I had a $7 coupon, which brought the price down to $30. I thought, what the heck, I should just try it! And I did.
At the Amazon link above, it retails for just $22 with 1 small tube of scrub. Replacement brushes are just $8 for a twin pack:

The Verdict: I probably don’t use this enough (I use it 1-2 times a week because I got lazy), but when I do, I certainly notice some benefits.

– My face feels much cleaner than just regular cleansing
– Toner & moisturizer gets absorbed more readily
– When I spend more time on/around my nose with the Pro-X, after a hot shower, I can easily and gently extract whiteheads.
– Feels sturdy & well-made
– Affordable replacement brushes

None that occur to me.

I’ve also started using the Pro-X with my Hada Labo facewash, which works FABULOUSLY because a tiny pea-sized amount of the facewash works up to a very rich, luxurious lather. It’s SO decadent and leaves my face feeling extra soft and clean.

Overall: I am very happy with the Olay Pro-X. Although I don’t have the Clarisonic for relative comparison, I would say that the Olay Pro-X is a good product in itself, and I recommend it as an affordable and effective option in the world of mechanical skin cleansing tools. That said, I am definitely intrigued to know why the Clarisonic costs so much more!

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4 thoughts on “Budget Beauty: Olay Pro-X versus Clarisonic

  1. One word: marketing =) makes a whole lot of difference to the price point. I’m glad the Olay works well. I’m almost tempted to go buy myself a brush thingie for my face… but i know i’ll be too lazy for it haha

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