The Bag: A Romantic Tale

Hello, I’m The Bag. I was born in Hokkaido in the spring of 2010 (during the beautiful month of May), in a little shop near Lake Akan.

Perhaps it’s the cold weather and the mysterious layer fog that hovers over the surface of the lake, but there was a hint of romance in the air that evening. A Charming Young Couple strolling around after a delectable 7-course Japanese dinner at a posh hotel entered our little shop. The Lovely Young Lady was attracted to the leather products in our shop, for she loves leather goods. She was smiling gently and looking at all the wonderful things my Master created.  Then she spotted an older cousin of mine – a structured bag – sitting at the shelf and she exclaimed: “Oh, what a BEAUTIFUL BAG!” She took it off the shelf and smoothed her hand over my cousin’s well-weathered surface and said to her Dashing (and somewhat Beefy) Boyfriend: “Look, doesn’t this bag have a lovely shape? I love structured bags!…. even though this one’s quite weathered…,” her voice trailed off.

It was at this time that my Master approached the Charming Couple and said: “Oh, this piece is for display…. It’s to show that the leather will wear and have character. But I have a new one…,” my Master proceeded to take me out from the cupboard and presented me to the Lovely Lady. Her eyes brightened and beamed in Delight. She put her gentle hand on me and stroked the leathery surfaced, and enquired about how much I cost. “500 US dollars,” said my kind Master, with a smile.

The Lovely Lady gasped. Alas! She hardly ever spends more than $100 on a single purchase !! (she’s,… ahem… thrifty that way) What more a leather bag that will get scratched with daily use. Torn between her heart and the reality of scratches, she sadly put me down on the tabletop, and thanked my Master. She said that I looked very pretty but was really over her budget. She walked away slowly, casting a longing gaze at my direction as she leaves. I could feel her sadness of not being able to take me with her.

This was when the Dashing Young Man said to my master: “We’ll buy it!” He looked at the Lovely Young Lady, who shook her head and said: “No sweet, it is really too costly.” “We’ll buy it,” he said firmly but gently, looking her way and smiled. “C’mon, it’s handmade and way more unique than any Louis Vuittons. For 500 bucks? It’s not expensive (la). We are buying it,” said Dashing Young Man to my Master. And to the Lovely Young Lady: “I’ll buy it for you.” Her eyes glistened with tears, and my Master enquired the Dashing and Handsome Young Man: “I can make your name on the bag,” he produced a heart-shaped leather tag. “We make your name,” he repeated, pointing at the Lovely Young Lady and then the tag. “Like Louis Vuitton.”

And so, the Happy and Lovely Young Lady wrote her name on a piece of paper, which my Master embossed on the heart-shaped tag. He secured it to me, and the Lovely Young Couple happily walked out of the shop with me in a paper bag, hand in hand.

 – The End –

 [This is the trailer of the latest drama starring Koreanoona and Beefy the Boyfriend. Now showing at a computer screen near you]


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