Pretty Pleats

Y is my boss’ personal assistant. A single woman in her 50s, she loves her LVs and Pradas as much as she loves her two nieces.

One Monday, I wore an grey-green long pleated dress to office. Y cast a look at me and said in her usual it’s-Monday-and-I-don’t-really-wanna-work voice: “K-noona, you should really wear things like this more often. You look good in this…. Like a goddess…. Like Venus.”

“Wait, don’t you have a similar beige dress? You should wear that more too.”

This exact compliment was repeated again two more times in the course of that day, by other colleagues. I must have been doing something right that day.

Thinking over, I realize I do have quite a few pieces of pleated stuff: I have another 2 grey pleated skirts, kinda like school uniform skirts, which I usually pair with a business shirt and a thick belt.

I used to think pleats magnify your bulges and avoided them like plague. But if cut right, pleats can be actually flattering e.g. Hides tummy in a flair skirt. Only thing is: need to dry clean ‘cos the pleats would go otherwise.

The recent resurgence of pleated stuff is a welcome. I’ve ordered a grey pleated long skirt from Korean online clothing store Zipia – it has arrived and is at my sister’s place. She said it is very nice… Anticipating.

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