Adventure Clothes

I play many roles in life, and I also do a wide range of things every week. The last couple of days were spent camping under the giant redwoods of California, hiking, adventuring, and exploring.

Hiking boots – $16 from the Timberland outlet.
Omnishield quick drying pants – $29 from the Columbia outlet

And one of my favorite bags, not because of its looks or functionality, but because it usually means I’m out doing something exciting: North Face “Borealis” daypack – $17 (!!) on clearance at REI.

The reward of it all? Getting dusty, dirty, sweaty, and then remembering that showers do not exist at this rudimentary campsite.


2 thoughts on “Adventure Clothes

  1. hiking: yay, redwood forest:Yay, $16 for those timberlands – wow, YAY. And I paid more than 10 times for my NorthFace hiking boots 😦

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