Stay Real

My love for talented singer/men/hunks isn’t just confined to the Korean peninsula, as The MD and LeetleMissAtas can attest to.

I love Taiwanese rock band Mayday.

The band’s lead singer, Ah Xing co-owns a T-shirt design co called Stay Real, and I really like their T-shirt dresses. They are comfy, and have nice, quirky slogans and drawings on them. So when a friend of mine went to Taipei earlier this year, I loaded her with buying list of 8 T-shirt dresses (5 for myself and 3 for my sis the Catwoman). My goodness, I spent nearly SG$300 on T-shirts! Can’t believe my momentary insanity.

But here they are…

I am debuting them sparingly, hence some are still in the bags

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