I have a head for hats

Women Crochet Hat, Uniqlo, $ 34.90

I tried this orange crochet hat on the other day at Uniqlo while with Beefy. As usual, Beefy was egging me on to just buy it  (sigh, the man is not good to shop with when you are on a budget).

I also tried on a jockey cap, and it occurred to me that I LOOK GOOD IN HATS.

Women’s jockey hat, Uniqlo, $34.90

What the heck. I live in a country where there isn’t a hat-wearing culture. And, the cheapo that I am, I am really not keen to invest in pieces that I barely use. I mean, I’m not the sort who would bring accessories in a suitcase. Where to find the space??? (I like packing light.)The only hat I have in my wardrobe now is the Daiso straw hat that we bought for a certain surprise picnic birthday party a couple of years ago. Remember this?


It is now my goddaughter’s toy, when she plays pretend picnic at home… she was already a fashionista at age 5 (she’s now 7 🙂 )

[Am still thinking about that orange hat….]


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