V&A Wedding Dress exhibition @ National Museum

I visited ‘The Wedding Dress: 200 Years of Wedding Fashion from the Victoria and Albert Museum, London’ at the National Museum of Singapore Friday night, and found the collection to be fascinating: the wedding dress is timeless in many ways, but it also evolves according to its time and the choice of the wearer. Here are some of the dresses that I liked:

My absolute favourite of the entire collection (left), this modern, simple yet elegant piece is actually from 1934. Timeless! I’m sure no one would guess it’s an old dress if some bride today decided to wear this for her wedding.

This (right) is from the 60s, as you may have guessed from the skirt length. I’ve always questioned my mom about her nagging me on skirt lengths. C’mon, look at how short the skirts were back then! I think the bride paired this with boots, which is cool. I really like the silver trimmings – made the dress look futuristic.

This is the centerpiece of the exhibition (left), from 1933. The billowing sleeves, intricate beadings and lace and the long, long train probably made this every princes-bride’s fairytale dress.

Gwen Stefani’s dress (below), designed by John Galliano for Christian Dior. I still like wedding dresses in white but it is Gwen Stefani, hallo! The gown didn’t look much on the mannequin, but when I googled and saw a picture of her in the gown…. 🙂 I think only someone like her who has that much style can pull off such a gown.

A wedding gown exhibition cannot NOT have a Vera Wang, the quintessential wedding  gown designer. This one (right) is from the 90s – probably one of her earlier creation. Think the bride wore flip flops at her wedding….!

This one (above) is from the 19th century… and it really don’t look much different from some of the more traditional gowns of today. Look at the detailing of the lace!

Koreanoona cannot go without talking about shoes!

This pair of wedding shoes (right) is from the turn of the century.

There’s also a collection of wedding dresses from various cultures in Singapore. For me, these two stood out:

– Gold sari paired with a western-styled veil (middle). This was worn by an Indian Christian lady in the 1950s.

A very recent gown from 2011 (right), a simple bustier with nice flower details at the back. By local designer Peter Kor.

Lastly, a nice little quote…

If you wanna catch it, the exhibition’s on till 31 Oct. There’s an admission fee for it – I think it’s $16.


7 thoughts on “V&A Wedding Dress exhibition @ National Museum

  1. Do u remember any of the old 60s movies (hk or taiwanese make)? the skirts were so short that u can see the knickers when the actrsses sit.

  2. I have to agree with you that some of the vintage designs are indeed timeless and so classy even today! Although, when I see Gwen Stefani’s dress, all I thought about was “Shark Week”….

    • that’s what i thought too! And erm… “faded blood stains”… it looked better in her wedding photos and she did look good in it. 🙂 i like the cut too hehe

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