Just watch me

Check out my latest timekeeping acquisition


The hubby had actually spotted watches by Breo in the inflight magazine on our way to Bangkok and wanted to check it out for his youngest brother, so we sauntered into a store during our holiday and found a whole collection of these watches. They’re essentially like thick rubber bands that are waterproof and slip over your hand onto your wrist. But after I’d tried some on and declared “Iiiii want one!” we did buy me one and then had to search for something else for my poor brother in law.

It’s been a well spend $25, because boy was Bangkok hot and sweaty, and I had no worries about ruining one of my existing watches, and now I wear this watch to the pool as well. Its white-ness hasn’t gotten dirty either!

Perhaps its only downside is that it apparently can look like I’ve just been released from the hospital. (according to my sister anyways)



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