Recycling wardrobes

The Duchess of Cambridge has received a significant amount of attention (in the American media anyways) for daring to wear her outfits more than once (the horror!!). So in a show of solidarity, I decided to re-wear one of my much publicised outfits as well.

One of my wedding outfits in fact! (Yes you read that right…outfitS, plural).

At a family friend’s Mehndi (THE south asian wedding event you actually want to go to, the one with all the singing and dancing), I wore what I wore to my own Mehndi!

The bottom colourful section is actually part of one of the outfits my mother got during her wedding, and the rest of the outfit was made to match that. So while it isn’t as heavy as some of my other ones, it’s one of my favourites cos of the sentimental value of it. (That, and the fact that I had the entire thing made in yellow! My favourite colour!)


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